Sell Kefir Grains

Years ago, when I was first learning about milk kefir, I found a lady online who freely shared information on brewing and caring for kefir. She was known as the person who would sell kefir grains for cheap because she wanted everyone to know the joy of kefir.

Fast forward quite a few years and kefir has become a lot more well known. Competitors have sprung up, but the fact is there isn’t a better kefir starter than one bought from someone who uses and makes kefir regularly. The freeze dried stuff just doesn’t compare in health and strength.

If you make kefir, you know how quickly it can reproduce in the right conditions. Instead of composting or feeding to animals, you can sell kefir grains for about $15 per couple tablespoons. Considering that there is zero cost in creating those extra grains, it’s a high profit way to bring in a few extra dollars.

Resources About How to Sell Kefir Grains

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