Sell Firewood Bundles

Since starting this website, I notice income possibilities more than I used to.  When I was outside Safeway earlier this year, I was totally amazed at the large–and dwindling–pile of firewood bundles for sale.  At $4.99 each, I could imagine how much a full cord would bring.  What was most surprising is how the stack dwindled over the season.

Selling firewood bundles is a nice income addition if you already have a steady supply of wood.  We buy our firewood in bulk, 4 cords at a time, from a guy who has access to logging slash piles and cuts the leftovers into firewood.  It’s a good business for him and a great time saver for us.

If you live near a town, there is a great market for campfire wood in the summer camping season and even during the winter season for more urban locations.  Let’s dig deeper into the market and profit potential for firewood bundles. Continue reading “Sell Firewood Bundles”

Start Your Own Mealworm Farm

Modified with permission from Pengo

A mealworm farm can be a nice little side business, but it can also play an important role in your food production.  If you raise chickens, ducks or reptiles, you can breed mealworms to provide them with a steady, low cost supply of high protein feed.  That’s how we got started in mealworms years ago, both as a way to save on feed costs and also as a a means of being self sufficient so we could provide food for our chickens even in a disaster scenario.

As it turns out, a mealworm farm is a pretty fun project, especially if you have children.  They can do the regular maintenance and enjoy watching and learning about the life cycles of mealworms as they transform into beetles. Continue reading “Start Your Own Mealworm Farm”

Resell Clearance Toys on Amazon

I came across a news story yesterday about a man who makes millions buying clearance toys at local big box stores and reselling them for a profit on Amazon.  I was incredulous!  How could you buy retail and then turn a profit by selling retail? So like usual, I did some digging and it turns out his business model is pretty sound.

Today, let’s talk about the ins and outs of turning a profit by reselling toys on Amazon and how to determine whether or not a particular toy has profit potential. I’ll also give you a quick walkthrough on Amazon fees and other considerations to help you determine if this income idea is something you should implement as part of your overall income plans. Continue reading “Resell Clearance Toys on Amazon”

Becoming a Freelance Writer

I love writing.  From my earliest memories, I was reading and writing, spending summers in the library and developing what would be a lifelong love of words.  Becoming a freelance writer was something I longed to do even as a child.  We had one of those first Apple computers and I’d sit at the keys, idly tapping them without any idea what to do with them, just knowing I had a yearning that couldn’t be defined.

Here we are, just a couple 😉 years later, and I’ve made thousands of dollars off of various freelance writing projects.  While not necessarily farm related, becoming a freelance writer is a solid way to make income from home and there are numerous opportunities out there for talented writers who have the ability to follow through. Continue reading “Becoming a Freelance Writer”