9 Ways to Sell Herbs

The growing distrust of the pharmaceutical industry is a great opportunity for the herb grower who wants to sell herbs. Monthly searches on Google for “herbal medicine” number in the tens of thousands. People want to know how to heal themselves and reduce their dependences on chemical drugs.

For the small farmer, this presents an incredible opportunity. Many herbs are easy to grow and these 9 ways to sell herbs will help you identify a ready made market of eager buyers who want to take control of their own health or help others do the same. Continue reading “9 Ways to Sell Herbs”

Growing Nettles as a Cash Crop

When we moved to our new farm two years ago, we discovered growing nettles in several patches across the property. I’d heard how wonderful nettles were, so with a pair of surgical gloves and a quest for adventure, I set about harvesting my first nettle crop.

That first harvest turned me into a lifelong fan of nettles. They have to be steamed, cooked or dried before eating, but food made with nettles tastes so amazing. The leaves aren’t the only part of the plant that is useable, though, and that’s part of what makes growing nettles for profit such a sure winner. Continue reading “Growing Nettles as a Cash Crop”